With 20 years of experience in the services market, we specialize in development and publication of operational & repair and educational documentation for
engineering companies of Russia and CIS countries.
Our enterprise consists of the following departments:

Our thoroughly planned marketing policy, experience in development process organization, coordinated work of the team allowed us to create an all-encompassing program of repair and operation documentation development and to become one of the largest developers and publishers of technical documentation in the country. In the years on the documentation development and publication market the company has amassed unique experience in design and publication suiting the individual requirements of the customer. At present the enterprise possesses state of the art equipment for production and development in the following areas:

  • agricultural machines and tractors
  • internal combustion engines
  • road construction and municipal engineering vehicles
  • automobiles and special vehicles
  • sea and air transport
  • metal cutting, forging and press equipment

Our enterprise offers services on development and publishing of repair&use and learning documentation for products manufactured by Your company.

We possess complete production cycle capability for technical documentation of any type - from catalogues to learning classes.

The following types of publications are offered for development:

  • catalogs of parts and assembly units
  • operating and maintenance manuals
  • assembly/ disassembly guides
  • troubleshooting guides
  • repair process cards with normative time allowances
  • flaw detection guides
  • operating repair manuals
  • routine maintenance guide
  • animated operating manuals
  • electronic spare parts catalogs
  • educational software programs (control, driving, repair etc.)
  • educational technical posters and albums
  • educational books
  • advertising leaflets and booklets
  • educational class equipment sets.

The BelRus special technical art and design bureau is proud to offer our services in development of use&repair and learning documentation for products of your company, presently accepting orders for development during year 2012.