Design Bureau

The special art and technological design bureau of «BelRus» companies group develops use and repair guides, learning documentation for products based on current design documentation of the manufacturing plant, ESKD and GOST standards requirements.

Examples :


  • Annex to  use guide
  • Service history
  • Product passport
  • Posters
  • Repair manuals: 

1 line of repair 
2 line of repair 
3 line of repair
4 line of repair

  • Animated assembly & dissassembly guide
  • Maintenance
  • Repair checklists
  • Guide on mechanics
  • Guide on electrics
  • Guide on hydraulics
  • Guide on pneumatics
  • Mounted illustrated stands
  • Interactive catalog of parts and assemlby units
  • Interactive animated use guide
  • Interactive annex to use guide
  • Interactive service history
  • Interactive product passport
  • Interactive animated posters
  • Interactive animated repair manual: 

Interactive animated 1 line of repair 
Interactive animated 2 line of repair 
Interactive animated 3 line of repair
Interactive animated 4 line of repair 

  • Interactive animated mantenance  
  • Interactive technological repair checklist
  • Interactive animated teaching guide on mechanics
  • Interactive animated guide on electrics
  • Interactive animated  guide on hydraulics
  • Interactive animated  guide on pneumatics
  • Interactive technological repair checklist
  • Simulator 
  • Training suite

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